About Us

LNP STUDIOS was founded in 1998 as a small web design group. Today, LNP STUDIOS is a company with a small, yet skilled staff. This actually benefits our customers more than dealing with a larger sized corporation. Our small size means that we at LNP STUDIOS are able to pay extra close attention to clients and their needs. It also allows us to deal with the client on a much more personal level than most large web firms can afford.

We also provide competitive estimates and prices in order to offer you not only better services, but also better products.

Through the years, we have provided superior service to all of our clients, and we will continue to do so in the years to come, no matter how big or small the challenge.

Meet the team

  • Emma Loggins, MFA

    CEO & Senior Web Designer

    Emma Loggins is not only the CEO of LNP Studios, but she is also the Senior Web Designer.

    Emma has a Bachelors Degree in Multimedia and Web Design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where she graduated with a 4.0 GPA and received the "Best in Show" award for her field, and in 2009, she received her MFA in Computer Arts and New Media at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

    Loggins is not only a skilled designer and developer, but she also specializes in helping companies with their social network marketing. From keeping in touch with clients on Facebook to business networking on LinkedIn, Loggins knows how to create and maintain the best social network exposure for her clients.

    Loggins is also the founder and editor of the popular entertainment site where she blogs daily on the latest entertainment news, movie/TV reviews, her opinions on current happenings in the media, screening/filming/casting opportunities, and more. The site currently has over 150,000 registered members and receives an average of 950,000 hits per month. Loggins hasn't done any formal advertising for the site - she has built the traffic on her own through good content, SEO, and audience engagement.
    Loggins has worked with a number of large entertainment companies such as Warner Brothers. She has had her work featured on television and in various publications (newspaper, magazines, and books), and she was also a contributing writer for CNN's blog Geek Out.

    In 2005, Loggins was interviewed by People Magazine for having one of the best television show websites, and in 2006 FOX asked her to do a mall tour with the cast of the movie "Nearing Grace" in order to keep the website's blog updated. In 2009, Warner Brothers recruited Loggins again to help with spreading the word about a new web-series through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, and in 2010 she continues doing social media projects for them as well as for her other clients. Some of the recent social media projects include "The Big Bang Theory," "Supernatural," "Gossip Girl," and "The Vampire Diaries."

    Emma Loggins has a passion for what she does. She loves design and marketing, and because of that, it shows through in all her work.