The Death Of .Com? Custom Top Level Domain Names Online In 2013

Custom top level web domains will be live this year, and they won’t be available without a hefty price tag! The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) began accepting applications for top-level domains last year, and hundreds of companies jumped on board hoping to secure new domain names in case this was the death of the .Com.

No word on the exact date when the new addresses (such as,, will be released, but ICANN has announced that these domains will start appearing online around the middle of this year with more to follow by the end of 2013.

ICANN will begin the process with non-English domains, then release English domains that have only been claimed by one applicant, such as .acer for the technology company or .airbus for the aircraft manufacturer, in the weeks following. Domains that have been requested by more than one applicant, such as .technology, will take longer to roll out as ICANN decides which applicant receives them.

Rachel Haot, the City of New York’s Chief Digital Officer, said during a recent presentation in New York City that she expects the city to have the .nyc domain by late 2013 or early 2014. As an example of a potential use for the new domains, New York City will make .nyc available to local businesses and residents. (Source)

How much do these new domains cost? Companies had to pay a one-time fee of $185,000 to secure their name and will be expected to pay $25,000 annually to maintain ownership of it. If you’re a trademark owner who is concerned by such a hefty price tage, then you can still protect your brand by paying $150 annually to keep someone else from registering your namesake.

If you’re interested in seeing the full list of domain names, you can view the list of domains applied for here.

Will this be the death of .Com or is this just a trend like other domain names extensions? We’d love to hear your thoughts in our comment section below.