Twitter & Breaking Through The Noise


One question we get asked constantly is how do people see anything on Twitter if they’re following thousands of people. How will that person hear you over all the others? The answer is – it depends on you and your tweets.

We’ve got a few tips for you on how to break through the noise of all those tweets and make sure that you are heard.

Get Listed!

The list feature on Twitter has allowed many users to disperse the people they’re following into lists. This way they can group together users who tweet related information. Other Twitter users can also follow these lists.

You want to be included on as many lists as you possibly can – especially those that are influential. Do some research to find these lists, follow the list creator, and retweet information that they post that may be relevant to your followers. This will increase the likelihood of the user following you – and noticing that your content is relevant to their list.

Share Content

Everyone likes to hit the @username button and see how many users have found their information worth sharing.  Ask others to retweet your content if they feel it’s relevant to their followers, and also do the same courtesy for the users you follow. If it’s unique and informative – let your followers know about it too.

Less Tweets

This might sound crazy- but hear us out. It’s about quality not quantity with your tweets. Your goal is to get as many clicks as you can on your links. Do you know that users who tweet less links actually have higher click-through-rates than those who tweet more links?

Also if you’re tweeting information that isn’t necessary unique or important, you take the chance of turning off your followers. No one wants to follow someone who fills up their feeds with tweets (even if they are informative). Limit your tweets to a certain amount per day and be engaging with that content.

Article By: Emma Loggins