The Power Of Social Media

Are you familiar with social media? If you’re not – you should be. Social media is online content that is created by site viewers. It provides a new way for people to share news and discover new information. A recent poll was conducted by Nielsen showing that social media influenced people’s purchasing decisions by a considerable amount. Here’s some interesting facts on the influencing power of social media:

  • 90% of people polled said that they trust recommendations from people they know, while 70% said they trust consumer opinions posted online.
  • What about product recommendations? What is more effective – banner ads or editoral content. The poll showed that 69% trusted editorial content whereas only 33% said they trusted banner ads.
  • Social networking has overtaken e-mail as the most popular Internet activity
  • Older viewers are the fastest growing market on Facebook (35-49-year-olds), twice as many 50-64-year-olds as those under 18 in new registrations.

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